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Some Treatment Methods of Coking Wastewater Adsorption

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, all walks of life have also been greatly developed. The development prospect of coking wastewater adsorption is also very good, so the demand continues to increase, and the market has also increased a lot. It is also necessary to tell you about his little knowledge points here. Interested friends can take a look together.

The adsorption of coking wastewater mainly comes from coking gas production, gas purification, chemical product recovery and other processes, including residual ammonia water, asphalt cooling water, final cooling water, diphenyl separation water, separation water, refined benzene separation water, tar washing wastewater, Biochemical wastewater and other wastewater, so the treatment method of coking wastewater adsorption has always been a major problem in the field of wastewater treatment at home and abroad. I believe you have also seen that the wastewater treatment technology used in most coking plants is the traditional biochemical treatment technology, which is composed of mud sedimentation tanks, degreasing tanks, heating tanks and other equipment. When treating coking wastewater, it is also mixed with wastewater first, and then put into ammonia distillation device to remove NH3-N, and then carry out subsequent treatment. Of course, what needs to be understood is that this can effectively remove benzene and the like in wastewater, but there are great shortcomings. In the treatment of coking wastewater, the wastewater also contains some organic pollutants. Although it has been effectively removed, it still does not meet the exclusion criteria and still causes great harm to the environment. In recent years, researchers have also discovered many effective methods for treating coking wastewater, which are mainly divided into several categories. The commonly used physical and chemical methods for adsorption of coking wastewater are multi-stage treatment of wastewater according to the characteristics of various pollutants in coking wastewater. Of course, there are also professionals who are more familiar with this process. The advantage is that it is easy to operate and control. The disadvantage is that the recovery rate of oil resources will be poor, and secondary pollution will easily occur.

The aeration method can also be selected for coking wastewater adsorption. In fact, what you need to know is that this method is for the treatment of aerobic microorganisms and is widely used in the treatment of coking wastewater. In the large-area aeration tank, the contact requirements between microorganisms and pollutants in activated sludge are met, insoluble pollutants are converted into soluble pollutants, and then microorganisms are adsorbed on pollutants, and the product of adsorption metabolism is mainly carbon dioxide, which will not cause re-pollution . In addition to these, what needs to be known is the biological fluidized bed technology for coking wastewater adsorption. Of course, this is also because biological fluidized bed treatment technology has been widely used in the treatment of phenolic wastewater in recent years. The advantages are the high efficiency of the activated sludge process and the high tolerance of biofilms. Coking wastewater adsorption biological fluidized bed technology uses activated carbon, sand or coke and other granular substances as carriers to grow and attach biofilms on the surface. The waste water is flowing, and the particles as carriers are in a flowing state. Coking wastewater adsorption has a wide range of applications, and the secondary pollution is relatively low; the disadvantage is that the catalyst used is too expensive, the cost is high, and the technical conditions are relatively harsh, so it is generally not used for factory wastewater treatment.

The content of the above article is to introduce some treatment methods for coking wastewater adsorption to friends. If you see a friend, you can read it carefully. We will continue to update in the future. If there is anything you don't understand, you can come to consult at any time. Welcome new and old customers to visit our company.

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